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Coverdale's History

In 1923, Coverdale was founded by the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and United Churches as the Interprovincial Home for Young Women. It served as a minimum security correctional facility for women over the age of 16 who were sentenced to terms of less than 3 years. Originally located in Riverview, this home was a pioneering venture in offering women in the criminal justice system education & rehabilitation services.


In 1976, Coverdale made the transition from an institutional based to a community based agency.


In 2007, we opened the Coverdale Emergency Women's Shelter for homeless women. In 2021, we were able to move our shelter into its permanent home on Waterloo Street. Since then, we have expanded our bed numbers to 21, increasing our ability to offer services to more women.

In 2023, we opened a brand new 12 unit transitional housing building on Brunswick Drive. This building is a supportive living opportunity for women who have experienced chronic or episodic homelessness to help develop confidence and tenancy skills to move on to independent living.


Coverdale Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to raising the profile of women's issues through a continuum of services that have aided marginalized and underserved women for more than 45 years. 



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